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A: No. At this moment both are on default value: (network.dns.disableIPv6=false and network.dns.disablePrefetch=false). Q: What do you see () in about:networking -> DNS. A. When the problem occurs about:networking -> DNS table is empty. Q. 20/07/2015 24/10/2012 user.js -- Firefox configuration hardening. Contribute to pyllyukko/user.js development by creating an account on GitHub. You can also set those values in about:config: network.dns.disablePrefetch = true network.dnsCacheExpiration = 0 Comment 15 Martin Stransky 2015-01-28 10:44:03 UTC Note: The about:config values in Thunderbird can be found in Menu, Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> General tab -> Config Editor button. Comment Args: name: find the element by attribute name. Returns: Web element of current page.

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The Primary DNS Suffix defaults, sensibly, to the domain name. However the TechNet article cited above wants us to match  I had already set a fixed IP address for the primary DNS server, pointing to the domain controller. This is critical for all kinds of Re: DNS issue with Netplan. Is the IP networking all working still or just the DNS? For example, can you ping the DNS server BEFORE doing any corrective action?

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network.predictor.enabled = false network.dns.disablePrefetch = true network.prefetch-next = false. Link prefetching is when a webpage hints to the browser that certain pages are likely to be visited, so the browser downloads them immediately so network.dns.disablePrefetch = true means that DNS-prefeching is disabled. False means that DNS-prefetching is enabled The default setting is true, not false. network.dns.disablePrefetch = true. network.dns.disablePrefetchFromHTTPS = true. network.predictor.enabled = false.

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On the server-side, a server can opt out of DNS prefetching by serving content with the x-dns-prefetch-control: HTTP header set to "off". network.dns.disablePrefetch = true network.dns.disablePrefetchFromHTTPS = true network.predictor.enabled = false network.predictor.enable-prefetch = false network.prefetch-next = false 3. Importing an Already-Hardened Firefox Profile There are other options to explore if you are going for maximum security. Set network.dns.disablePrefetch to true; Set network.predictor.enabled to false; Set network.prefetch-next to false; JavaScript. Some users may wish to totally disable all JavaScript from being executed on their device. Disabling JavaScript: Type javascript:enabled; Switch the value to false; Restart Firefox; NOTE: Disabling JavaScript will network.dns.disablePrefetch; true // disable DNS prefetching network.dns.disablePrefetchFromHTTPS; true (NOTE: creating this preference and setting it to FALSE will enable DNS prefetching for secure links and objects) NOTE: Don't know if Request Policy handles HTTPS DNS prefetching.

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DNSプリフェッチ. network.dns.disablePrefetch = true (真偽型  28 Oct 2019 disableIPv6. In the list of preferences, double-click network.dns.disableIPv6 to set its value to true.

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user_pref("network.dns.disableIPv6", true); user_pref("network.dns.disablePrefetch", true); user_pref("network.dns.disablePrefetchFromHTTPS"  Al presionar la combinación de teclas Ctrl + F5, reiniciará la página actual, para que el A continuación, introduzca el valor en el campo "Buscar": network.dns. disablePrefetch - y haga doble clic en el parámetro encontrado, cambiando su  Window's 10 True Play Feature. Window's Nvidia Driver minimalistic install "Stop's all TDR/Telemetry scan's + network data sharing". Nvidia or Disable Prefetch and Superfetch for no random hitching in pc games. Search for Window's 10 True Play Feature Beware of the dns resolving in Windows La mejor preferencia de privacidad es el 2.

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16/1/2021 · DNS prefetching (network.dns.disablePrefetch = true) Cross origin referer policy is a somewhat complex subject, and I would suggest researching the ghacks section (1600) of their user.js along with this helpful article. Cross origin (network.http.referer.XOriginPolicy = 1) Step 4: open about:config and set the following. dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled = false geo.enabled = false media.eme.enabled = false media.navigator.enabled = false media.peerconnection.enabled = false network.dns.disablePrefetch = true network.http.sendRefererHeader = 0 network.prefetch-next = false privacy.firstparty.isolate = true privacy. user.js -- Firefox configuration hardening. Contribute to pyllyukko/user.js development by creating an account on GitHub.